MyAgrAbility started in 2011 after seeing the positive effect agriculture had on the youngest in our family, Scotty. After being involed in FFA throughout high school, we found that he loved animals and learning about them. He showed sheep until he graduated in 2012. We noticed how much he had grown since starting FFA in 2008. He was able to communicate better, became more social, and was genuinely curious about everything around him.
Then, in 2012 we saw how sad he was when we told him he wouldn't be able to show at the fair because he was too old.
So, we decided to create an organization that would help those with special needs learn along with their peers and family throughout childhood, and continue to grow, even as adults.

MyAgrAbility works with people of all ages with disabilities. We are able to bring activities and lessons to your classroom if you're not able to make it to the farm. We have seen the positive effects agriculture can have on special needs children and the curiousity it can bring. 

What do we do?

Scotty learning how to feed a new lamb (also named Scotty) with Shawn, one of his mentors.

Volunteer Application (PDF)